Краткий обзор Braun 9290cc Series 9

Features overview

The Series 9 9290cc (9291cc) packs quite a lot of technologies and features, so I’ll briefly go over the most important ones.

4 individual cutting elements

The shaving head of the Series 9 is comprised of 4 individual cutting elements:

  • Two foil cutters called OptiFoils that shave hairs close to the skin. They use Braun’s notorious hexagon shaped holes that are supposedly superior for capturing hairs compared to the more common rounded ones.
  • A HyperLift & Cut trimmer — this is a novelty and a distinct element of the Series 9; the specially designed trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs. You can identify it by its distinctive golden color on the updated Series 9 models like the 9290cc/9291cc in this review. The unique color of this trimmer is the result of a Titanium Nitride coating, a ceramic material used for its anti-corrosive and edge retention properties.
  • A Direct & Cut trimmer that captures hairs growing in different directions.

One thing that caught my attention was Braun’s attempt at marketing the Series 9 as a shaver with 5 cutting elements.

In Braun’s view, the fifth is the so-called SkinGuard, a piece of metal located right next to the Direct & Cut trimmer that supposedly smoothens the skin.

The SkinGuard element on the shaving head of the Series 9 9290cc.

But let’s be honest, this isn’t a cutter and should not count as one.

Just for the record, the Arc 5 is an example of a shaver with 5 active shaving elements.

SyncroSonic Technology

With the Series 9, Braun ditched the personalization modes of the Series 7 that allowed the user to manually alter the power output of the shaver depending on the area being shaved.

Those were pretty much useless and Braun probably thought the same.

Instead, they implemented the so-called SyncroSonic technology that supposedly reads the density of the beard and adjusts the power accordingly.

As a side note, this type of technology is also found on high-end shavers.

I personally prefer having full power for the entire shave as I never found this type of feature to make any significant improvements to the actual performance of the shaver.

10·D Flexible Shaving System

According to Braun, the four cutters are mounted on a 10 directional pivoting head: they can be independently depressed and the whole shaving head can pivot back and forth.

I have no idea how they came up with the number 10, but what I can tell you after using the 9290cc is that this really works.

The range of motion of the 9290cc flexing shaving head.

The Series 9 has one of the best-implemented flexing shaving heads of any foil shaver. It’s simple, but it works great (more details on this in the performance section of the review).

For more precision, the head can also be locked into a fixed position with a dedicated switch located on the front of the shaver.

Waterproof, wet & dry operation.

As mentioned earlier, all the updated Series 9 models are now suitable for wet & dry use and can be fully submerged in water up to 5 meters deep.

This means that you can use the 9290cc/9291cc in the shower or with your favorite shaving cream if you prefer so.

As a side note, all the updated Series 9 shavers can be identified by the model name, 92xxcc or 92xxs.

There’s also an even newer iteration of the Series 9 that was released in 2019, the Series 9 93xx. However, apart from minor visual tweaks and a slightly larger battery, they don’t bring any significant improvements over the ongoing 92xx models.

The very first Series 9 shavers used the 90xxcc or 90xxs naming template. These have been discontinued and are very difficult to get nowadays.

The cc models include the automatic cleaning station, while the s models do not.

Automatic cleaning station

As you probably know, the Series 9 9290cc in this review comes with the Clean & Charge station that does precisely what the name implies.

Moreover, it also dries and lubricates the shaving head. We’ll take a detailed look at how the cleaning station works later on.


Other noteworthy features of the 9290cc/9291cc include:

  • 5 level battery LED display
  • travel lock
  • 5-minute quick charge
  • long hair trimmer
  • automatic voltage converter (100–240v)

Should you buy a Series 9? Which one?

I mentioned on several occasions that the Braun Series 9 is, as far as shaving performance goes, a great shaver. Definitely one of the best you can currently buy.

If the Series 9 is a good match for your particular needs — sensitive skin, close shaves, coarse beard, longer/flat-lying hairs, and even for shaving your head — then you’ll likely be very satisfied with it.

Again, not taking into account things like value for money where the Series 9 doesn’t score particularly high, especially when compared to the venerable Series 7.

The shortage of replacement shaving heads used to be a serious issue as you could end up spending a premium price on a product and not being able to use it in the future.

Braun eventually sorted out the problem and the updated cassettes are widely available and this time the price is also right (well, sort of).

I reached out to Braun about this matter and they confirmed that there was a high demand for the 92s/92b replacement heads and this has caused some of the retailers and service centers to run out of stock.

Regarding which generation Series 9 should you buy, it’s really up to you and there’s no right or wrong approach to this.

If you can find the original Series 9 at a bargain price I think you can go for it, even if that implies the risk of the older, possibly faulty, shaving heads.

All aspects considered, I think your decision should be based mainly on two things: price and whether you need a cleaning station or not.

Again, the performance throughout the entire Series 9 line is basically the same.

As mentioned earlier in this post, the 9290cc, 9291cc, or 9297cc from the second generation currently seem to be the best option.

They usually have a lower price compared to other cc variations of the Series 9 and they come with the redesigned shaving head.

Moreover, the s models like the 9293s are not significantly cheaper compared to the cc versions that also include the excellent cleaning station.

As for the latest, third-generation (93xx) Series 9, I wouldn’t go through hoops to get one.

Of course, if you live in a country where the shavers are available and the price is also similar to the 92xx (or even lower), then, by all means, get one.

Otherwise, you can confidently go for one of the 92xx models. Again, you’re not really missing out on anything except for 10 more minutes of cordless use from a single charge.

Как в работе

В этом обзоре мы неизбежно будем сравнивать ощущения от Braun 9291cc Series 9 с прошлой моделью 5-й серии. Если вы ранее ничего от Braun не пробовали, то ощущения мысленно стоит ещё несколько увеличивать.

После прошлой бритвы не думалось, что может быть ещё более плавно, но Braun удалось. Ощущения те же самые, хотя не верилось, что их можно повторить. Девятка сама скользит по коже, да, даже на фоне пятёрки.

Словом, множественные заверения маркетологов компании оказались правдивыми. 40000 колебаний лезвий в минуту делают своё дело. Волоски срезаются ещё проще и незаметно. Кстати, примерно столько же колебаний совершает современная звуковая зубная щётка.

Она неплохо скользит даже летом, когда вы вспотели, хотя, конечно, процесс бриться в эти моменты всё же несколько усложняется.

Впрочем, Braun 9291cc Series 9 умеет не только сухое, но и влажное бритьё. Тут уже выбор за вами.

Помимо улучшенного скольжения сразу заметили, что бритва обращается с растительностью на лице более деликатно. Электробритвы иногда грешат тем, что некоторые слишком длинные волоски выдёргивают, привнося в процесс слегка болезненные и неприятные ощущения. То есть, если вы бреетесь каждый день, такого эффекта, скорее всего не будет. Если же вы не брились пару дней, и щетина уже в несколько миллиметров, иногда стоит сначала пройтись триммером, чтобы укоротить её до «безопасной» длины.

Девятка же запросто сбривает волоски, выросшие примерно за 3 дня, не доставляя дискомфорта.

За это отвечает технология AutoSense, которая умеет анализировать плотность растительности и адаптировать мощность мотора 13 раз в секунду.

Технология SyncroSonic обеспечивает те самые 40 тысяч колебаний лезвий в минуту.

Сама же бритвенная головка в этот раз состоит из 5 элементов: 2 сетки OptiFoil по краям (отвечают за максимальную чистоту бритья), между ними триммер HyperLift&Cut (приподнимает волоски, которые прилегают к коже), затем триммер Direct&Cut (приподнимает волоски, растущие в разных направлениях), элемент SkinGuard для смягчения процесса бритья и защиты кожи. Вот так эти 5 элементов выглядят в сравнении с Series 5.

Подвеска головки в сочетании с умением каждого элемента двигаться отдельно даёт в сумме вращения по 10 направлениям, чтобы обработать даже не самые простые участки лица.

Кроме того, есть традиционный триммер с мелкими лезвиями, который поможет достать волосы там, куда не очень удобно добираться бритвенной головке. Например, запросто удалит какие-то упрямые спрятавшиеся волоски прямо под носом. Он предназначен именно для точечного воздействия. С густой и длинной растительностью справится с трудом.

У Braun 9291cc Series 9 есть также режим «путешественника», когда, задержав кнопку включения на несколько секунд, бритва блокируется от случайных включений. Не разрядится, если вдруг вы забросили её в сумку или рюкзак без комплектного футляра.

Вот так бритва выглядит после сухой чистки.

Что касается аккумулятора, производитель заявляет до 50 мнут работы при полной зарядке всего за 1 час. При этом имеется сценарий быстрой зарядки за 5 минут, чтобы уже начать бриться.

Alternative shavers

As I said in my comparison of the Series 7 and 9, the older Series 7 will yield similar results for most users, particularly when used on shorter hair.

Yes, the Series 9 will shave faster and a bit smoother and I personally find the experience more enjoyable, but if you shave more often and don’t have a lot of flat-lying hairs, the Series 7 will likely be good enough for you.

Braun Series 7 790cc

You can go for a dry only model like the Series 7 790cc or a wet/dry variation like the Series 7 7865cc.

However, I would still recommend getting a Series 7 that includes a cleaning station for the same reasons outlined in this review.

If your budget is limited, but still want an electric shaver that works great for sensitive skin, the Series 5 from Braun is an excellent option.

Braun Series 5 5195cc

The 5195cc seems to be the best pick as it comes with a cleaning station and the price is right as well.

Now, if sensitive skin is not an issue and you’re mainly interested in getting the closest possible shave, a Arc 5 would probably be a better choice than the Series 5.

The price of the latest Arc 5 (third-generation) is currently very high and I don’t think it’s worth the money.

With that said, I would personally go for a second-generation Arc 5, like the ES-LV65-S (no cleaning station) or the ES-LV95-S (includes an automatic cleaning station).

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5

Panasonic shavers also work better in my opinion when used with shaving cream and are easier to clean manually, so you can skip the station in this case and save some money while doing so.

Finally, a more budget-friendly alternative to the Panasonic Arc 5 is another shaver from Panasonic, the Arc 4.

With 4 blades, a powerful 14 000 CPM motor and super sharp blades, it will provide very close shaves for just a fraction of the price.

My personal picks would be the ES-LA63-S or the ES-LF51-A, two fantastic performers that are very reasonably priced.

You can get an Arc 4 with a cleaning station as well in the form of the Panasonic ES-LA93-K, but it’s really not necessary.

To read more about the Arc 4 family of shavers and the different models, check out this post.

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