Braun series 9 9290cc (9291cc) review: the hype is real

Build quality and ergonomics

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed to find out that Braun has decided to use plastic for the Series 9.

For example, 's latest Arc 5 shavers have an exquisite brushed metal body.

However, I was glad to see that at least with the 9290cc/9291cc, the silver part of the shaver's body has a matte, frosted finish compared to the high gloss chrome treatment of other Series 9 models (9295cc, 9296cc, 9297cc, etc.).

As a result, smudges and fingerprints are a non-issue with this one. There's still some glossy chrome around the bottom, around the ON/OFF switch, and on the foil frame.

The Braun Series 9 9290cc is a very good looking shaver. The body actually looks like metal (and I still wish it was made out of metal).

The shaver is surprisingly lightweight and its size is very manageable despite having substantial girth toward the top part.

It feels well balanced and adequately secure due to the textured rubber on the back that extends to the sides as well.

The slide-out hair trimmer on the back is covered with the same grippy material.

I personally would have liked the rubber to extend even more on the sides and front like they did with the Series 5, but that would have messed up the aesthetics.

With the black color scheme of the Series 5, it wasn't a problem.

Braun Series 9 9290cc (left) vs Series 5 5090cc (right).

The front of the shaver houses the LED display, the ON/OFF switch (that also acts as a travel lock with a long press) and the head locking switch.

The shaving head can be locked in one of 5 positions for more precision when shaving a tight spot like right below the nose.

You can do that by sliding down the switch.

It's worth mentioning that this is a massive improvement over the locking mechanism of the Series 7 that was prone to breaking if excessive force was applied to the shaving head after being locked.

With the Series 9 (and the Series 8 and 5 as well), the head will simply move into a different position with no damage done to the ratcheting mechanism.

Despite being covered with these dimples, the switch is still a bit slippery if your finger is wet and you must press harder in order to operate it.

The one on the Series 5 for example offers more grip, being made out of a softer, rubbery plastic.

On the back of the Series 9, you'll find the hair trimmer and two metal studs used for charging the shaver when placed in the station.

The hair trimmer is very smooth to slide in and out. When fully extended, it just about passes the shaving head.

I have to give Braun props for paying attention to small details. For example, if you slide out the trimmer and the shaving head is in the way (the range of motion is quite large), it automatically slides downward so the trimmer won't bump into it.

Also, there's a small button in the center of the trimmer that must be pressed — otherwise, the trimmer simply won't slide forward.

The shaving head (called a cassette) appears to be of decent quality and snaps easily and securely in place.

It's also very easy to remove by pressing the two black tabs on both sides of the shaving head.

It's worth mentioning that with the original Series 9 there were some reports of the shaving head falling apart after just months of use. The culprit was apparently the HyperLift & Cut trimmer.

For the shaving heads of the updated Series 9, Braun outsourced their production to a different manufacturer and the problem was most likely taken care of.

The new shaving heads also use the Titanium coating and have a golden color instead of blue.

The hard travel case is excellent. I like the fact that Braun includes them even with the less expensive models like the Series 5.

The case offers excellent protection and looks and feels of high quality.

The Series 9 9290cc comes with a hard textile travel case, while other Series 9 models like the 9291cc or the newer 9385cc come with a leather case.

Braun Series 9 leather vs textile case.

Both will offer very good protection when traveling, but the leather case looks and feels more expensive.

Overall, the build quality and ergonomics of the Series 9 are good, even though I personally expected a bit more from Braun's new flagship.

Внешний вид, качество сборки и материалов

Качество сборки на высоте. Это Braun, и планку за последние пару лет компания не снижала. Сборка аккуратная, материалы приятные, заусенцев нет, зазоры минимальные, ровные и аккуратные.

Сейчас и брендовый Китай делает самые разные гаджеты на отлично, но обратим внимание, что Braun 9291cc Series 9 собрана в Германии, а вышеупомянутый картридж в Ирландии. Качественный пластик, приятный на ощупь, прорезиненная ручка и верхняя часть триммера, ещё видна смазка в его пазах, металлические лезвия

Качественный пластик, приятный на ощупь, прорезиненная ручка и верхняя часть триммера, ещё видна смазка в его пазах, металлические лезвия.

Внешний вид продукта проще всего оценить по фотографиям. Выглядит солидно и дорого.


Разве что в нашей расцветке много вставок пластика под металл, а также матового серебристого цвета, на котором видны отпечатки пальцев. Они, конечно, также легко стираются, как и появляются. Но больше матовых частей, либо более тёмный окрас был бы практичнее.

Спереди кнопка включения, чуть выше фиксатор бритвенной головки, который позволяет сделать её статичной, либо разрешить движения по оси.

Ниже расположился индикатор уровня заряда и чистоты устройства.

Сзади триммер с кнопкой-фиксатором. По бокам от него 2 контакта для зарядной станции.

С нижнего торца разъём для подключения зарядного устройства.

Сверху – бритвенная головка со съемными сетчатыми лезвиями. Чтобы отделить их, необходимо зажать две кнопки по бокам, затем можно вытряхнуть скопившуюся пыль.

Price and availability

Both the original and newer Series 9 shavers can be bought from various retailers.

The original models are however getting really tough to find and sometimes their price is outrageously high, costing more than the latest versions.

The price varies tremendously even for very similar models (in terms of specs and accessories), so I highly recommend doing a bit of research before buying a particular shaver.

My personal picks would be the 9290cc/9291cc Silver from the second generation or any other 92xx model that's available in your country and checks the boxes for things like price and accessories (cleaning station, leather case and so on).

The 9290cc and 9291cc usually have the best price out of all the models that come with a cleaning station and you'll probably want that as well.

Braun Series 9 9290cc/9291cc

Moreover, you won't have to worry about the shaving head falling apart since they come with the updated 92s/92b cassettes.

You can also check out my detailed review of the Series 9 9290cc (9291cc), arguably the best-selling Series 9 model.

As mentioned previously, I actually prefer the matte finish on the Series 9 models to the chrome coating because it won't show scuffs, fine scratches, and smudges as easily.

The original Series 9 can still be found and despite the risk of a faulty shaving head, it can be a viable option if you manage to get a great deal on one.

As I said previously, the newer shaving heads can be used on the older Series 9 as well.

The new 93xx Braun Series 9 shavers are finally widely available pretty much anywhere in the world.

However, they can cost more than the previous 92xx generation, but again, the prices change constantly.

Given that you're only getting a bigger battery, I would still stick to one of the 92xx models if the price is lower.

The 92xx models will however become more difficult to find as they're gradually replaced by the newer 93xx.

For example, the 9370cc is the most popular new model that comes with a cleaning station (at least in the USA), while the 9330s is usually the pick of the solo range due to its lower price.

Braun Series 9 9370cc

The 9385cc and 9390cc are also widely available and equally good options if the price is right. That seems to be particularly the case in Europe, for example.

After the launch of the second generation Series 9, there was also a shortage of 92s/92b replacement shaving heads.

However, that's not the case anymore and the price has dropped as well.

92s/92b replacement shaving heads

The older 90s/90b are still available, but they are usually expensive and are not worth buying, particularly with the risk of the middle trimmer falling apart.

It's not uncommon to experience a shortage of replacement parts for a new product like the Series 9, especially since there wasn't an immediate need for those parts, at least in theory.

A shaving head should last for 18 months of use, even though in real life you'll probably need to replace it sooner than that.

Overall I think Braun handled the situation quite poorly — the lack of effective communication, no official information regarding the potential problems of the old Series 9 cassettes, no statement regarding the shortage of replacement heads.

Fortunately, things are back to normal now.

The 92S (left) and 92M (right) cassettes are identical except for the glossy and matte treatments respectively.

Also, some 93xx models come with a 92M shaving head which has a matte finish; you can of course use any of the 92s or 92b cassettes since they're identical.

Series 8

В Series 8 решили воплотить все признанные достоинства 7-серии, скрестив её с внешним видом 9-ой. В итоге мы получили отличное качество и чистоту бритья (сухого или влажного) в сочетании с эргономичностью и стильным внешним видом.

Кроме того, бритва становится умнее, чем представленные ранее устройства, начинает подсчитывать количество сеансов бритья, вовремя подсказывает о том, когда аккумулятор близок к окончательному разряду, а также наступлении времени смены бритвенной головки.

Braun применяет в устройстве технологии Intelligent Sonic Technology и AutoSense. Первая обеспечивает 10000 вибраций в минуту, создавая подушку и массаж, обеспечивающий лучшее скольжение по коже. Вторая регулирует мощность мотора в зависимости от плотности волос на обрабатываемом участке кожи.

В продаже представлены серебряный, чёрный, синий и красный цвета.

Battery life and charging

Being a wet/dry shaver, the Series 9 9290cc/9291cc can only be operated cordless as a safety precaution.

The older dry only versions of the Series 9 like the 9090cc could also be used while charging.

However, the battery life is excellent and there's a 5-minute quick charge option as well.

With the 9290cc I get at least 10 shaves from a full charge which is very good in my opinion. The battery also charges reasonably fast in approximately 60 minutes.

The 9290cc is automatically charged when placed in the station, but you can plug the cord directly into the shaver as well.

My unit was bought from Europe and came with a flat cord. Some Series 9 can still be shipped with the older (and now discontinued) coiled cord.

When charging, the corresponding bar indicating the current battery charge will flash.

There are 5 levels, each one representing a 20% charge.

A nifty feature only found on certain Series 9 models, 9290cc and 9291cc included, is the display showing an actual number for the last 9 minutes of remaining shaving time.

This is very useful in my opinion and enhances the user experience. I would actually prefer this solution to the 5 bars approach entirely.

Why was the Series 9 updated (twice)?

In the official press release of the 92xx Series 9 generation, Braun only mentions the Titanium Nitride coated trimmer. Apart from that, just the usual corporate lorem ipsum.

While we can only speculate, I think the trimmer was indeed the main reason for the unexpected update.

Right after the launch of the original Series 9, there was a shortage of replacement shaving heads (90s and 90b cassettes).

Moreover, there were also some reports from various users stating that the HyperLift&Cut trimmer on their original Series 9 would break after just months of use.

Braun never acknowledged these issues officially, but the fact that the original troublesome parts couldn't be bought anymore, coupled with the sudden update makes a strong case for this.

UPDATE: , one of our readers, pointed out in a comment that Braun outsourced the production of the original shaving heads for the Series 9 (90s, 90b) to a company that went out of business in the meantime. As a result, there was a long period of time when Braun couldn't find a supplier for the production of the cassettes, hence the shortage. They eventually found a new manufacturer for the updated 92s/92b shaving heads used on the 92xx and 93xx models.

So that was pretty much the story of the 92xx generation.

As for the elusive 93xx update, it seems more like a mid-life facelift of the Series 9 that doesn't bring any significant improvements over the existing 92xx shavers (except for the larger battery), but it will likely boost the sales.

Performance — are the newer Series 9 versions better?

Strictly from a performance standpoint most likely no, there isn't a significant difference between the various Series 9 generations in this regard.

However, given the reports stating that the older 90s/90b shaving heads found on the original Series 9 90xx would sometimes fall apart, the problem was probably fixed with the updated cassettes/shavers.

I personally didn't have any issues with my Series 9 shavers and I've been using them consistently.

If you already bought the original Series 9 you can also use the new shaving heads (92s, 92b, 92M) that come with the newer shavers and I actually recommend you to do so.

They are backward compatible and will fit the 90xx models perfectly.

As for the current widely available Series 9 models, the 92xx and 93xx, I've actually tested them side by side and I can honestly say that there's really no performance difference between them.

Braun Series 9 9385cc vs 9290cc.

Given that the 93xx features the same shaving head as the 92xx Series 9 models and the only actual differences are related to the battery, display, and color, it's no surprise that the performance remained similar.


If the Series 9 doesn't fit within your budget, the Braun Series 7 is still a perfectly fine alternative and for most men, it would be a great choice.

I am talking about the original Series 7 generation and not the 2020 models that perform underwhelming (to say the least).

Also, in the case of the S7, the price for both the shaver and the replacement cassettes (70s/70b) is lower compared to the Series 9.

I wrote a comprehensive post comparing the Series 7 and 9 and I highly recommend you to check it out if you're on the fence.

Finally, there's the option from Panasonic, the Arc 5, which is in my opinion a better alternative to the Series 9 if you plan to use it with shaving cream or you're particularly interested in getting a very close shave.

Keep in mind that the Panasonic will only work best on shorter facial hair, so it would make sense only if you plan on shaving often.

For more details here's a complete comparison between the Arc 5 and the Series 9.

Over to you now — what was your experience with the Braun Series 9? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

Wrapup — Who should buy the 9290cc (9291cc)?

I think it's a fair assessment to say that the Braun Series 9 9290cc met and in some areas even exceeded the expectations, at least my own.

Braun Series 9 9290cc/9291cc

There's a lot to like about this electric shaver and about the Series 9 in general, the highlights being the supreme comfort during the shave, its effectiveness at shaving even coarse and longer hairs and of course, the closeness.

The construction is a bit of a letdown compared to the flagship shavers from Panasonic and Norelco, but there are no serious problems and some of the issues found on the older Series 7 were addressed completely.

As a result, the Series 9 9290cc is a complete package and the shaving performance is excellent.

Unless you're on a very tight budget or you're just getting started with electric shaving and don't want to spend a lot of money on your first shaver, the 9290cc/9291cc will be a great choice for pretty much anyone.

Granted, if you have light to medium facial hair it will probably be overkill and you'll be just fine with something like a cheaper Series 5 or even 3.

The Series 9 9290cc will be an excellent choice if you're dealing with sensitive skin and razor burn; it's arguably the most comfortable electric shaver you can currently buy.

Also, the Series 9 will work great if you have coarse facial hair as it has plenty of cutting power and will shave faster than most other electric shavers.

As I said in the performance section of the review, during my tests the Series 9 9290cc performed great when used on longer, flat-lying hairs, so it will work great not just for daily use, but even when shaving every two days or more.

If you have wiry hairs that grow in different directions the 9290cc should again be on your shortlist of shavers.

Finally, many barbers also use the Series 9 as head shavers, so if you shave your head as well, this one would be a good option.

Отдельно про станцию

Аналогичный недостаток есть и у зарядно-чистящей станции. Верх глянцевый. Это всегда смотрится эффектно, но на глянце значительно лучше заметны царапины и пыль.

Остальные части матовые – выгляди с других сторон тоже отлично, но при этом дольше сохраняет товарный вид, будто только что из коробки.

Сверху слот для вставки бритвы, пара индикаторов, которые активируются при помещении бритвы в станцию, сообщат вам о её состоянии и необходимости подзарядки-чистки, а также кнопка питания.

Спереди логотип компании.

Снизу – выдвижное дно, куда вставляется чистящий картридж. Выдвигается по нажатию вытянутой кнопки сбоку

Осторожно, выдвигается достаточно резко, первый раз может оказаться неожиданным

Слева разъём для подключения провода питания.

Replacement parts availability

There's been quite a saga with the Series 9 replacement shaving heads that started right after the launch of the original shavers.

The shaving heads used by the original Series 9 shavers, the 90s and 90b cassettes, were nowhere to be found.

If you were lucky enough to find them, the price was obscenely high.

Moreover, there were some reports of the shaving heads falling apart after just months of use.

With the introduction of the updated Series 9, Braun also outsourced the production of the new shaving heads — 92s (silver) and 92b (black) — to a different manufacturer.

After an initial shortage, the parts are now readily available and the price is also pretty reasonable, at least for a premium shaver.

Braun 92s replacement shaving head

The Series 9 9290cc uses the 92s (silver) replacement shaving head. The 92s/92b cassettes are also backward compatible with the older Series 9 shavers.

Braun recommends replacing the shaving head of the Series 9 once every 18 months, but in reality, it depends on how often you shave, how coarse your beard is and how you take care of the shaver (cleaning, lubrication).

Общие свойства

Заметим также, что новые Braun Series 8 и Series 9 могут похвастаться на 20% более длительным временем работы от аккумулятора. Кроме того, поддерживает технологию быстрой зарядки, позволяющей за 5 минут подпитать батарею на 1 сеанс бритья.

Бритвы Braun также покрыты специальным защитным слоем толщиной с человеческий волос, которые обеспечивают защиту корпуса от повреждения, а также простое удаление отпечатков пальцев, которые могут оставаться после контакта с руками.

Производитель рекомендует менять бритвенную головку каждую 18 месяцев, но срок может варьироваться в зависимости от интенсивности использования.

В комплекте с бритвами идёт док-станция SMARTcare, которая по нажатию лишь одной кнопки очистит бритвы, смажет лезвия, произведёт гигиеническую дезинфекцию и сушку вашего устройства.

Для тех, кто долистал

Ай-ти шуточка бонусом. Каждый разговор по телефону на Android начинается со слов: «быстрее, у меня телефон садится».

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